60-Day Triple Threat Challenge

Everyone who has completed all the steps will get a badge when the challenge ends.


The only thing more effective than a kettlebell workout is a program of kettlebell workouts! The 60-Day Triple Threat is a 3 part series to keep you motivated through the rest of 2020, and start 2021 feeling super strong, super healthy, and super fit... be prepared to find some of the people you know annoyed with your success 😉 Part 1: Weeks 1-3, Strength & Precision Training Part 2: Weeks 4-6, Speed & Agility Training Part 3: Weeks 7-9, Peak Performance Training There are 4 new video classes each week. Optional 5th day if you add "Free Workout Friday." Insert rest days as needed throughout the week. Week 1: 25-Min. Classes Week 2: 35-Min. Classes Week 3: 45-Min. Classes Week 4: 25-Min. Classes Week 5: 35-Min. Classes Week 6: 45-Min. Classes Week 7: 25-Min. Classes Week 8: 35-Min. Classes Week 9: 45-Min. Classes The challenge is to complete all of the classes in 60 days but you will still have access to the remaining videos after it "ends." Only one light-medium kettlebell is required, but an assortment of weights and/or pairs of matching weights for sure can be incorporated with great success! Prerequisite: Pro Kettlebell Fundamentals, available for free @ www.prokettlebell.com/learn Optional extras: yoga mat, padded wrist/sweatbands, jump rope, resistance band. Buy now & choose your start date, or gain unlimited access to all challenges and all KettleFIT, sport, bodyweight & mobility classes & archives with a month-to-month membership.

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