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"I lost 10 Pounds in January and another 12 pounds in February. I feel more amazing than I have ever felt in my entire life and I am so tremendously grateful!"

-Paul Christopher Margolis



Exercise may not be easy,

but Pro Kettlebell classes are:

  • Easy to stick with because they're fun, short, and you see results fast,

  • Easy to follow because of the design and class format, and

  • Easy on the back, wrists, hands, and joints because of the pro techniques and methods. 


All of which evolved from teaching tens of thousands of classes at Pro Kettlebell's flagship gym, Seattle Kettlebell Club. That's what makes our kettlebell training and our kettlebells different; we've figured out what works through real life experience with thousands of our clients, not just ourselves or paid influencers.

Members who dragged themselves in just to lose a few pounds or to start taking care of their bodies for the first time have literally ended up world champion and national record holding kettlebell lifters. It's that good!

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Now our trademark fitness and sport programs are online and people all over the world are loving them.


Enjoy the Free Workout Friday and free "Skills & Drills"  technique mini series, and fast-track your kettlebell workouts and results; head straight to the Kettlebell Kickstarter intro class series.

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