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No Bulk, Super Strong & Lean

*New Classes Each Week*

(Average Class Time 35-Minutes)

Prerequisite:  Pro Kettlebell Fundamentals Video Series and/or Kettlebell Kickstarter

"Learn & Burn" Course or

Equivalent Experience

Our KettleFIT membership includes the KettleFIT  Archives as well as the new on-demand KettleFIT videos we release each week as part of our current series, created to give you a strong, toned, resilient, incredible, and energized body.

  • Mix of Kettlebell and Body Weight Exercises

  • Follow Along with One of Our Awesome Members or Coaches Who Will Set the Pace

  • Expert Tips, Coaching & Modifiers Offered Throughout

  • On-Screen Timer & Written Program


Each series is different, the shortest being our 21-Day Challenge and longest (The 60-Day Triple Threat) being 9 weeks. 


"Day 1," "Day 2," "Day 3," and "Day 4" each week have a different focus depending on the series. For example, in Series 1, days 1 and 4 were full-body workouts while day 2 was chest, back and biceps and day 3 was legs, shoulders, triceps.


This approach is why people who do our classes regularly get such great results, but really you don't have to worry about any of that... we obsess over writing the programs so you don't have to. Just show up, press play and get excited...  Great changes happen fast!

Equipment needed: one one or more kettlebells, rarely a chair or bench, wrist guards (optional)