Strength, Power & Endurance

Train Like A Champion

(Average Class Time 45-Minutes)

Prerequisite:  Pro Kettlebell Fundamentals Video Series and/or Kettlebell Kickstarter

"Learn & Burn" Course or

Equivalent Experience

Your Pro Kettlebell online membership includes access to our best, tweaked and proven kettlebell sport training programs (4-8 weeks in length).


In kettlebell sport, you'll train to perform 5 or 10-minute sets of kettlebell sport lifts (jerk, snatch, and/or long cycle) at the end of the cycle without putting the bells down. Often that date corresponds with kettlebell sport competitions we're planning to attend... But you do not have to compete to take KettleSPORT! Lots of our members don't compete but love the training and do it solely for the incredible health and fitness rewards.


  • Unmatched in efficiency - you're getting strength, cardio and endurance training benefits at once

  • Widely accessible (the exercises are low-impact)

  • Easy to scale as you progress by increasing your speed (reps per minute) and/or the weight of the bells

With most of our programs, there are two workouts per week for each discipline. You can choose to do any or all disciplines (jerk, snatch, or long cycle), just know you'll need to do both days each week of the discipline(s) you choose in order to keep up, as the classes get more difficult as the cycle progresses.

Equipment needed: two matching kettlebells plus more of heavier and lighter weights, Optional: lifting shoes, chalk, yoga mat