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The Atlas kettlebell is super comfortable in the rack and overhead position. Feels like an extension of my body more than ever.

Tara C.

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 I've been getting back to my kettlebell workouts over the past two weeks or so and I love both the look of the bell and the experience of working with it. One of the things I particularly like is the thin rim on the bottom so I can easily move the bell from one side of my body to the other using two hands. A small thing, but one that stood out for me.

Carl P.

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These bells are amazing!  Well made and so comfortable. The handle is perfect and they feel so nice in the rack position.

Tim B.

Pro Kettlebell's mission is to make the most comfortable, functional, and beautiful kettlebells in the world.

The features that make this bell unique also make using a kettlebell much more intuitive, comfortable, enjoyable, and effective.

Designed for Lifters, By Lifters

Contoured Arm Rests

Contoured arm rests guide your arm to its most ergonomic position. Unlike other kettlebells, where all of the weight presses into your forearm in one spot, causing painful bumps and bruises, this shape spreads the weight of the kettlebell out evenly on your forearm... so you don't have to stop your workout because your kettlebell is uncomfortable. Using the Pro Kettlebell, you'll get your best results more quickly and without injury.

Uniform Shape

All "Apollo" kettlebells (which range from 35-75 pounds) and all "Atlas" kettlebells (9-53 pounds) are the same size regardless of weight.  Consistent shape allows you to keep your technique the same as you move between lighter and heavier bells, and allowed us to find the best overall design size, for the most comfort.

Hollow Core

The weight of each bell is determined by how hollow the kettlebell is. We designed the hollow core to be flat on the inside so you can add one of our magnetic chip weights (coming soon). Also, this keeps the center of mass as high as possible, which allows for maximum control while you maneuver it. You'll find your ballistic kettlebell moves like cleans, jerks and snatches much cleaner with a Pro Kettlebell.

The Flat Spot

The flat "face" of the bell allows you to lay it down flat, so it won't roll and hit your gym buddies ankle if you drop it, and it provides a great platform for exercising on (i.e. kettlebell pushups).

The Handle

The horns (the parallel sides of the handle) are designed so you can comfortably and ergonomically hold the kettlebell right-side up, or upside-down, making it much more comfortable and versatile than other kettlebells.  The handles are 34.5mm and come unfinished (so they hold chalk beautifully), and they have a little texture; the extra grip makes them feel lighter. 

Wide Base

The Pro Kettlebell's base ring is wider for more stability when performing exercises where you're planking on the handles, and has a smooth edge so you can grip it - it becomes an extra hand-hold on the bottom, which no other kettlebell has.


The Finish

Why We're Doing it Differently

Our decision to not paint the Pro Kettlebells began with a few major pet peeves from running a kettlebell gym for years... 1) the hours we'd spend stripping handles of the clear coat they come with, in order for them to hold chalk properly, and 2) paint chips. Kettlebells get banged together no matter what, and before you know it, your pretty new kettlebell has chips all over it; the flakes of paint get stuck in your arm hair and are somehow immune from being vacuumed up. The exposed surface then gets rusty, and it's a downward spiral to ugly kettlebell. So, we didn't want to paint them, and discovered that the finish we've chosen feels great on your skin and is actually really beautiful, that's why we've kept them "bare."  The caveat is that they are not as protected from rusting.

Our kettlebells have been finished with a zinc coating to increase brilliance and inhibit rusting, but it's not rust proof, and they will patina over time. If they do get a little rusty, you can use "Bar Keepers Friend" (comes in a can like Comet) to easily remove it. If you'd like to keep it looking like new or otherwise rust-proof it, you can paint your Pro Kettlebell or use a clear top coat (we suggest keeping the handles bare). Just be sure to test your top coat on the interior first - some lacquers and water-based finishes can discolor the iron. We also offer a waterproofing/rustproofing add-on if you'd like us to do it for you.


Otherwise, just be sure to wipe dry your kettlebell and store inside, and it will age gracefully!



1. Performance Grip


1. Performance Grip

Smooth on the top and underside of the handle yet textured on the sides for extra grip, this handle holds chalk like a champ and is certain to get you extra reps.

2. Ergonomic Fit


2. Ergonomic Fit

Patented contouring hugs your arm, guiding it to the right position for max performance, alignment and elimination of bumps and bruises caused by other kettlebells.

3. Wide, Grippable Base


3. Wide, Grippable Base

Designed with a super-stable extra

wide, grippable base which acts as a

second handle for many exercises.

4. Flat Face


4. Flat Face

Lays down flat on its side for safety,

stability, and a functional platform

for pushups and more.

5. Hollow Core


5. Hollow Core

The Pro Kettlebell’s hollow core allows for an addition of our magnetic chip weights (coming soon) and keeps its center of mass high, for fast and smooth maneuverability.

6. Two Geometries


6. Two Geometries

The "Atlas" model (4-24kg) is roughly 20% smaller than the Apollo  (16-34kg) and other competition kettlebells.

Lift like a pro with comfortable, multi-functional, beautiful Pro Kettlebells.

"Best kettlebells I've ever purchased! I had no idea what a huge difference this design would make.  Thank you." 


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Apollo Line Pro Kettlebells

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Designed for lifters by lifters, it took more than 30 prototypes to perfect the Pro Kettlebell's ergonomic, patent-pending features - like the contoured arm rests that eliminate the bumps and bruises caused by traditional kettlebells. Pro Kettlebells can be used in more ways than traditional kettlebells. They make practice more comfortable, enjoyable, and effective for experienced kettlebell lifters and makes learning kettlebell technique and exercises safe, easy and comfortable for newbies. Feel great, have fun, & get results like a pro.

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