• Nikolai Puchlov

Kettlebell Sport, the Formula 1 of Kettlebell Lifting

Updated: Jul 31

People ask me a lot "what is kettlebell sport?"

I've found the best way to explain what kettlebell sport is is to liken it to Formula 1 racing.

Formula 1 pits the very best of the auto industry against one another to prove who's best on the racetrack. All of the latest and greatest technology is utilized; from ultra efficient hybrid engines, super lightweight yet strong materials, and bodies specially designed to reduce drag yet increase down-force to provide maximum traction to the tires. The result is the best that the car manufacturers have to offer which leads to an immediate trickle down effect that we as consumers and drivers get to utilize everyday. Our cars are safer, faster and more efficient because of the work done on the racetrack.

This is kettlebell sport. You will notice the kettlebells themselves are different. They are all uniform in size to allow for consistency when performing kettlebell maneuvers. All of the techniques are refined to the minutest detail to provide maximum efficiency and power. No effort is wasted. Any unnecessary movement negatively affects the performance, so these flaws in technique are immediately eliminated. From the breathing, to the grip, to the fluidity in which the movements are performed, nothing escapes the scrutinizing and uncompromising eye of competition.

The reason why kettlebells work so well is because kettlebell sport taught us how to make them work - whether anyone realizes it or not. Kettlebell lifting was born out of competition when one farmer said to another "Hey, I can lift a heavier weight than you." Its effectiveness is why the Soviet Union officialized and nationalized it as a sport. And the sport is the reason why every personal trainer, CrossFit gym and DIY fitness enthusiast is using them.

Just like Formula 1, kettlebell sport is the pinnacle of its field.

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