6-Week Personal Record Challenge

Now-May 24th: Submit your "beginning" results

May 18-Jun 26th: Six weeks of training with purpose

June 27th-28th: Submit your "after" results


Open to anyone, anywhere

Free to enter  *CA$H PRIZES*

For an overall gauge of your fitness level,  test your strength, cardio, and endurance all at once with sets of jerk and/or snatch, and/or long cycle, our favorite kettlebell exercises.


Got one kettlebell?  Do these one-arm kettlebell exercises. 

  • 1-arm snatch for 10-minutes

  • 1-arm jerk for 10-minutes

  • 1-arm long cycle (clean plus jerk) for 10-minutes


Got two kettlebells of the same weight?  Go beast mode and do these two-arm kettlebell exercises.

  • 2-arm jerk for 10-minutes

  • 2-arm long cycle (clean plus jerk) for 10-minutes

How it works


$100 prizes (USD) to the people with the biggest improvements in each exercise.  You can submit for one or your choice of any (or all) of the exercises: 1-arm snatch, 1 or 2-arm jerk, 1 or 2-arm long cycle (clean plus a jerk).  So, there's a total of $500 up for grabs.


"Biggest improvement" is determined by the largest percentage of increase in total volume lifted.


Here's an example:


Before the challenge begins, you do a "test set" and are able to complete 100 jerks (50 per arm) with a 10kg kettlebell in ten-minutes, for a total volume of 1,000 kilograms.


At the end of the challenge, you do another "test set" and this time complete 130 jerks (65 per arm) with the same 10kg kettlebell in ten-minutes for a total volume of 1,300 kilograms.


Your increase was 30%!

No sandbagging!  Do your best at your first attempt :-)



1. Upload your "before" video and results before 11:59p PST May 17th, 2020 to coincide with 6 weeks of training starting May 18th.  Late registrations will be accepted for one more week (final deadline 11:59p PST May 24th, 2020).

2. Upload your "after" video and results between June 26th and 11:59p PST June 28th.

3. If you're submitting for multiple exercises, upload the videos of each separately.

4. You can use any type of kettlebell, at any weight, but you must use the same bell(s) for the beginning and end video submissions.

5. Your whole body must be visible in your videos.

6. You do not have to complete the ten minutes; your set ends at the ten-minute mark or whenever you set the bells down.

7. For one-arm events, you may switch hands once at any point you like during the set.

8. You must "fixate" overhead between each repetition.  That means your arm is fully locked out (as straight as it can be) and your arm and the kettlebell stop moving momentarily.  It can be a very fast moment, but it must happen.

9. The kettlebell can only be still in the lockout position overhead (all events) or in the rack position during jerk or long cycle; specifically, you may not rest the kettlebell(s) on your shoulder at any point or stop the kettlebell at the rack position before switching hands in the snatch.

10. No "extra swings" before or during your sets.



You do not have to use our training to enter the challenge, but we highly recommend it!

Learn to swing, clean, snatch and jerk like a pro during our 3-class Kettlebell Kickstarter.

Our KettleFIT and KettleSPORT on-demand video classes coinciding with this challenge are designed to get you unbeatable results.

If you have one kettlebell and will be doing 1-arm exercises, follow our KettleFIT classes.  

If you have access to pairs of kettlebells (preferably an assortment of weights) and will be doing 2-arm exercises, go beast mode and follow our KettleSPORT classes.



Once you click "Register" you'll be redirected to the PR Challenge facebook event page where you can upload your videos (you can sign up now and upload your videos later).  If you do not have a facebook account, you can enter a link to a youtube video submission below.  Make sure to include your kettlebell weight and rep count with your video posts.