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Where Should I Start?  There are so many options!

One of the reasons our kettlebell weekly programs are so popular is that once you learn the basics (taught in our Pro Kettlebell Fundamentals mini-series and Kettlebell Rookies Course, you can get a great workout doing any of the classes... here's how they end up being perfectly customized to you without much thinking about it:


1) All of the exercises are timed, so you can do more or less reps in the allotted time depending on your fitness level.

2) You're using kettlebell weights appropriate for your unique body and goals.

For beginners, we recommend the Kettlebell Rookies 4-Week Intro Course.

From there, time to explore!  


In each row, you can see thumbnails for a whole program of classes. The kettlebell weekly programs range from 3 to12 weeks each and contain anywhere from 3 to 7 workouts per week. You can choose any program that looks appealing, and for best results, do all the classes in the program in the order which they appear.​


Additionally, you'll find a row called "Stackables," which is our one collection of workouts that are not part of a particular program, but rather you can find something based on what you want to do that day. You can choose from kettlebell videos focused on upper body, core, cardio, or a full-body 10-minute workout.


You can also use the search function to find videos by time, body part, exercise, etc.

How Many Kettlebells Do I Need?

The majority of our classes are KettleFIT; a mix of body weight and kettlebell exercises, and designed as single kettlebell workouts since so many people are working out at home with a limited selection.  


But if you do have pairs or multiple weights, that is fantastic! There are certain moves that would best suit doubles, or lighter or heavier than what we call your "medium" weight - a weight which you could do the whole class with.  


Generally speaking, our method is high-volume, lighter weight, so keep that in mind when choosing your "medium" weight. 


KettleSPORT training is a different beast. Sport workouts require multiple weights and pairs for best results.

How Many Kettlebells Do I Need?

Pro Kettlebell Workouts


1 Medium-Weight Kettlebell


2 Light

2 Light, 2 Medium


2 Light, 2 Medium, 2 Heavy

What Weight Should I Use?

Here's some guidance to help you pick your first kettlebell: If you're only getting one, you'll want to find a good "medium" weight for yourself (A really simple rule of thumb to pick a "medium" weight is you should be able to strict press it overhead 20 times with one arm in under a minute.)  


If you're struggling for those last few reps it might be a bit heavy, and likewise if you can do far more than 20, it's probably too light - but please, better to err on the light side when choosing your weight) but don't stress too much about it!  


Generally speaking, if it's a tad heavy, you'll adjust by going a little slower. Likewise, if it's a tad light, you can speed up, so long as you're keeping great form.  


Also, your goals play into the weight of your kettlebell. If you can only get one kettlebell and your primary goal is to build muscle, you can lean on the heavy end. If your primary goal is weight loss and toning, the medium will serve you great.



home kettlebell workout class

Online Kettlebell Program

Pro Kettlebell Online Workouts: A World-Class Gym Membership at Your Fingertips

Online Kettlebell Program

Exercise may not be easy, but Pro Kettlebell Workouts are:

Easy to Stick to

 because they're fun, fast, and you see results with a quickness.

Easy to Follow

 because of the design and class format.

Easy on Your Body

back, wrists, hands, and joints because of the pro techniques and methods.


Member Workouts

Full-Length Classes


Hundreds of workouts for beginner to advanced kettlebell enthusiasts, organized in 3-12 week training programs. Classes include warmup and cooldown, ranging from 20 to 60 minutes.



The "Stackables" series of kettlebell videos includes warm ups, cooldowns, and a huge variety of workouts ranging from 5 to 20 minutes.



It’s impossible to focus on coaching when you're doing the workout, so our coaches coach you through the whole class while the "Pace-Setter" does the workout with you.

It Feels Really Good to Be Strong

Pro Kettlebell's online training programs for fitness and sport were developed at Seattle Kettlebell Club, one of the largest and highest ranked kettlebell gyms in the world, and just like at the gym, these workouts cater to beginners, pros, and everything in between, no matter your size or fitness level, and deliver fast results. 


The Pro Kettlebell Workouts app, available on web, iOS, Android, and Samsung TV, includes hundreds of fun, on-demand video classes and carefully crafted kettlebell training programs.


Each of our kettlebell videos are designed to be exciting and unique so that you never have to think about what to do to get and stay in your best shape. Just press play.

Become an online member of Pro Kettlebell Workouts now and reap the benefits of an expensive boutique gym membership for only $19.99/month.

Pro Kettlebell

Workouts Monthly Membership


- Hundreds of video classes

- Programs & challenges ranging from 3-10 weeks
- Fundamentals Mini Intro Series (does not include "Rookies" course)

- Watch on web, ios, android, or samsung tv apps

-Cancel anytime

Pro Kettlebell Annual Membership


- Buy 10 months,

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