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Designed by the founders of the largest kettlebell club in the world, once you try the Pro Kettlebell and Pro Kettlebell Workouts app, you’ll never want to use anything else.


Since 2013 we’ve been teaching and watching thousands of people like you use traditional kettlebells at the gym and learned why you love kettlebells and kettlebell workouts so much - and why you don’t.  So, we took on the challenge of fixing the “why you don’t.”

The resulting Atlas and Apollo are the most comfortable kettlebells in the world, which you can use in multiple ways, so you’ll get more out of kettlebell workouts like the awesome ones you’ll find on our Pro Kettlebell Workouts app.  The app is full of our best, carefully crafted on-demand kettlebell classes and kettlebell training programs, which are never boring, highly motivating, safe, and proven to work fast for beginners and advanced competitive lifters alike.

Amber & Nikolai Puchlov, Pro Kettlebell

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"As I swung these things for the first time, I couldn't shake the feeling that the human body was meant to do this."

Hayat Norimine | Seattle Met Magazine

"7 Gyms and Fitness Classes That Are Worth the Sweat"